About the Band



RaTiO2 is a band comprised of two incredibly talented people. Ana on vocals and Rog on all instruments. Rog is the musical mastermind behind the album and has played several roles from songwriter, composer, sound engineer, musician, producer etc

The band is based out of the Houston, Texas area and has been performing for several years at local venues and events.Their LIVE performances are electric and have the crowd on their feet and singing along.

Ana and Rog have 5 college degrees between them! Their intellect spews into their song lyrics and will draw you into the story their music tells. Each composition is unique and the album has a variety of songs that anyone can relate to. The vocals in the slower love ballads and blues songs are sensuous and tug at your heart strings. The album also has high energy rock songs with catchy riffs that will want you to hear them over and over.

Rog and Ana are also great friends and their onstage chemistry is evident every time they perform or collaborate to create music! In addition to her amazing vocal talent, Ana's energy on stage is contagious and leaves the crowd wanting more!

Ana Taser - Vocals


Ana’s passion for music and her love for performing on stage was evident ever since she was a little girl! Growing up she was in her school choir and gave many performances on stage both singing and acting. Ana grew up listening to a variety of 80s Rock bands - Queen, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Def Leppard and Scorpions to name a few. Her strongest influence has been the ultimate showman Freddie Mercury - she was mesmerized by his performance, vocals and piano skills! She trained herself to play piano by ear. 

Ana’s vocal talent was discovered by Rog one day while she was performing a karaoke rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody”! The rest is history. Together they began their journey in the creation of this amazing album, which is a great blend of their tastes in music and their styles.


Rog Blazer - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Drums and Drum programming

Rog started playing guitar when he was 16 years old. He is a self taught musician who can play most instruments. Rog has played with many bands but always kept a day job and the focus was more towards school and work. 13 years ago he decided to build a home studio in his home in France. The studio allowed Rog to become a regular weekend warrior. On his return to the US, he mastered music recording and production, making it possible to record albums in the studio.


Rog has three university degrees and is very well versed in science and art. He claims to be a freak with both a right brain and a left brain, but often jokes that neither side wins.

He was originally a hard rock / heavy metal guitar player till he met Ana, who challenged him to write a love song. Rog started writing love songs and this album is about 80% love songs, ranging from pop-rock to hard rock.

Rog has a unique guitar playing style. In 2000, he met Christian, the touring bass player for Peter Frampton in the 80s, who gave him a demo CD that was so impressive that it got Rog thinking. Christian had played all instruments. This encounter led Rog to experiment with different instruments and eventually after 18 years has led to Rog playing all instruments on an album.

Rog has learned to express feeling through his guitar and all the other instruments help him convey the feelings. Rog is also a gifted lyricist / composer and has written songs for many young upcoming artists.